Everything you need to know before buying your Clone A Willy Kit

    Everything you need to know before buying your Clone A Willy Kit

    Of course, dildos are not for everyone. I can give you a buffet of reasons people produce for not buying a dildo. It can be as simple as having a bad experience for the first time or people don’t know how to use it properly. But why should Clone A Willy put up with these negative experiences *wink wink *.

    This article will walk you through the 5 most essential points to keep in mind before buying your first Clone A Willy DIY kit. This guide can also help you decide if you need to buy Clone A Willy and serve as a general guide for all dildo/vibrator lovers.

    So watch out and read!

    First, why buy a dildo or a vibrator?

    This is an important question, even if it looks pretty trivial. Why would you need silly-looking toys when your hands/fingers can do the job just fine? And if you have a partner, you may initially think you have no reason to buy a toy.

    But believe me, this is not the case. There is nothing to replace a dildo or vibrator or any sex toy when it comes down to it. Instead, these toys just add to your sex life. If you can imagine your sex life as a pizza, don’t think of the toy as a side dish. Instead, think of them as condiments like oregano that you sprinkle to get more flavor. Of course, the pizza itself is excellent, but some extra flavors are always welcome. So, if you want to improve your sex life, use it as an add-on and believe me, you will love it!

    But will it offend your partner?

    Not really. If your partner feels hurt, you need to explain it to him. You cannot replace anyone with a toy. Like any other luxury product, purchasing a sex toy should be carefully considered because when you invest in a sex toy, you invest in personal pleasure. This is one of the best methods to care for oneself.

    Before you buy, think about what you would like in your new toy. This is the only way to guarantee that your desires and expectations will be met.

    Similarly, before you decide on getting someone’s willy cloned, you need to think about some questions.

    What is your relationship with the person you are cloning?

    You just met a boy on Tinder and slept with him. If you can clone his penis and he leaves you the following week, you’ll have to dump that perfectly carved dildo into the trash. That doesn’t sound too good.

    So when deciding on a person, make sure what you expect from him. The surest bet is to go for a long-term partner.

    Is the dick great enough to be cloned?

    No offense, but you do need to ask yourself this. Is the willy you’re trying to clone THAT amazing? If your answer is a maybe or a no, I’d say wait for a while. In most cases, girls enjoy sex because of the complete package, so unless the dick is a gifted one, chances are you won’t be super fond of it in just its form. Therefore, ask yourself if it’s worthy of being cloned. If the answer comes out to be a resounding yes, then yep, Clone A Willy it is!

    Do you want any special modifications on that dildo, Willy?

    Clone A Willy can be modified with as many appendages as you desire. So let your imaginations run wild and attach as many modifications as you desire! One of my friends decided to put a lego base on it (don’t judge), while the other put a suction cup at the base to stick it on a wall and had his own “me time.”

    Do you want the dildo to glow in the dark, or Nah?

    It’s a matter of personal preference. This is an important question because, for many women, it is a bit of a funny problem to look at neon dildos in the dark. So ask yourself what kind of dildo you want. If you are a big fan of neon glow-in-the-dark varieties, you will surely be spoilt for choices because Clone A Willy has a unique assortment in its repertoire! Some prefer their dildos to look natural and seductive, while others prefer them to be clear and glowy.

    Do you want your dildos to vibrate or Nah?

    The world is divided here. Some women are fans of multiple patterns and rhythms; others just want a vibration simulation. It is noteworthy that if you are a fan of powerful rhythmic vibrators, then this may not be your best choice. The Clone A Willy kit comes with a decent vibrating attachment that will surely give you some toe-curling moments, but it does not have many options. If that is something you don’t mind, dive right in.

    With these 5 points, you can surely make up your mind to buy the right kind of Clone A Willy kit. This DIY penis mold has attracted thousands of fans from all over the world, so you can be sure that it will not disappoint you. Keep this in mind, and you will get the most out of this great product.

    Just ask yourself the above questions and buy one kit for yourself right away.

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