About Us


Image Aigue is an artist-driven non-profit that cultivates distinctive artistic development opportunities for theater and media artists. Developing artists and ideas, we cultivate, create and connect globally. We attract artists from other dynamic cultural centers and provide rare opportunities for hundreds of youth and adult artists to develop and collaborate.

We seek to raise the bar of quality theater, film and hybrid performance work by creating a set of resources – planning systems, time, space, global and local relationships, materials, critical response – that enable professional and emerging artists to explore new ideas and achieve excellence and greater impact. Through this work with individuals, we connect our audiences to diverse performances and programs that provide education, entertainment, and artistry.


Innovative processes for improving narrative content for theater, film and new media

Professional performances per year in theater, film and other mediums

Independent filmmaking programs that challenge film artists to focus on process

Professional workshops and training for artists, audiences and students

Innovative youth programs for ages 6-18 to learn and perform classics

Internships for high school and college students in production and administration

National and international outreach and exchange

Artistic partnership, resources-sharing, planning and funding opportunities


Our larger aim is to connect our network toward a sustainable, open-source hub for collaboration and meaningful original creation. Major support has come from Council for the Arts, Department of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment, KPMG, The Theatre Communications Group, Arts Fund, and several private donors. Through our work Image Aigue connects its audiences to a range of diverse shows and programs that provide education, entertainment, and artistry.