Our Goal

At Image Aigue, our goal is to provide important, powerful, challenging, surprising, thoughtful and unusual play to our community. Dedicated to the belief that sophisticated, discerning theater fans deserve to see the best that modern and classic play has to offer within their community, Image Aigue exhibit the widest selection of art, major studio, independent, gay and lesbian, foreign, documentary, experimental, and classic play.

Our Team

Shaun Prosacco

22 Yrs Theater Exp

Winona Jenkins

8 Yrs Theater Exp

Wilhelm Block

6 Yrs in Theater

Bert Herzog

3 Yrs in Theater

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The Image Aigue’s mission is simplicity and diversity. Image Aigue has made a name as a venue for cutting-edge writing and acting. Increasingly, through partnerships and space-sharing, it's also becoming a place for mixing media…a destination for performances that cut across disciplines, as well as a source of intriguing theater.

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Image Aigue is committed to offering you the best service, the best ambiance, the best technical presentation, and the very best overall theater-going experience in your community. We are giving audiences exciting productions, working with young people, creating programs to build strong collaborations with other theaters in our region.

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We at Image Aigue continually strive to be the premiere address for theater lovers. From the classic art deco designs of our historic Showcase to state-of-the-art jewel box theaters, we have enhanced our theater with digital sound formats. Theater lovers can expect to see enjoy the play as it's intended. We stages in-depth, risky work you won't see elsewhere.

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Our Contribution for Artists


In partnership with Mac Ondricka, we have launched a pilot program aimed at connecting writers and producers with resources for developing quality, original content.

We follow structured development process, teaming writers with directors, show-runners and producers. The program include professional consultation, script feedback, public and private readings, and substantive rewrites inside of an 8-month timeframe.


How do I start a project? What do I need? What resources are available? What and how can new artists contribute to existing or new projects? Learn the ins and outs of articulating and achieving your artistic goals.

Artists of all experience levels in planning are encouraged to come to our workshops and discussions to learn more about our cultivation programs. Develop your ability to set goals, timelines, actionable steps to achieve results, and reach funding objectives.


We are working to help deepen international cultural exchange opportunities. We have several aims, namely to generate an affordable, recurring and reciprocal exchange of artists, ideas, scripts, and productions.

One main objective is to build upon current relations toward the establishment a permanent Portal Theater – a primarily American-language theater that provides an international base for reciprocal exchange between international and American artists.


Image Aigue offers unpaid and stipend-paid internships in theater arts. Our award-winning theater is run by a small group of artists who work as a team to run the organization.

The work involves arts management, administration, marketing, tech/set work, costume & props, design, youth programming, event planning, community relations, and stage management. In most cases, applicants are asked to volunteer prior to being accepted.

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